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cherri bomb haha <333


Guitarist/Singer Julia Pierce.


Rena Novelis


this is my best friend. his name is jeffrey. this dude is one of my favorite people on this planet. today is his 16th birthday. not only is this boy hilarious, but he is one of the coolest guys you could ever meet. I am so lucky to have a best friend like him. love him to death. happy birthday, @jar_zilla. 😊


YAY! It’s posted! My sister and I at Warped Tour with Cherri Bomb! Excuse my ugliness, and appreciate their awesomeness! Haha, I gave Rena pickles :)


Julia Pierce


Please don’t stop being awesome.


I thought I already posted this (along with one for everyone in Cherri Bomb) but Tumblr didn’t post it or something.

So here it is again.